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ODS Education Scholarship

 The ODS Education Scholarship provides financial assistance to Oklahoma Dressage members to further their dressage education. 

 Criteria for Eligibility

  1. This ODS Education Scholarship is open to all Oklahoma Dressage Society members, including ODS Board members and committee members.
  2. The candidate must be a current member, in good standing, of Oklahoma Dressage Society (ODS). In addition, the applicant must have been an ODS member for at least the previous two (2) years.
  3. The candidate must have a background of attending previous ODS dressage educational events. The more ODS event attendance, the stronger the candidate for the ODS scholarship. Attendance at non-ODS dressage educational events will be considered as additional input.
  4. The candidate must have a background of volunteerism for ODS. This includes volunteering on at least one (1) ODS committee or having accumulated a minimum of five (5) hours of volunteering at ODS events. The more ODS volunteerism, the stronger the candidate for the ODS scholarship. Volunteerism for non-ODS dressage related events will be considered as additional input.


Criteria for Use

Scholarships may be used toward the registration/entry fees for the following types of dressage educational events:

  1. Acceptable activities will include: ODS, USDF, Region 9 and USEF educational events. Additionally, any educational event or clinic given by a USDF/USEF judge, technical delegate, USDF/USEF Certified Instructor, USDF "L" Program graduate, or USDF Medalist. 
  2. Scholarship candidates must receive ODS Education Scholarship Committee approval for the use of this scholarship at a specific dressage education event prior to the event occurring.


The ODS Education Scholarship Committee will review applications for funds and make recommendations to the Board for their vote. The Governing Board will select members to sit on this committee for a period of one (1) year. The ODS Education Scholarship Committee may include at least one (1) current ODS Board Member. The committee must consist of a total of three (3) to five (5) ODS members in good standing. The committee shall not exceed five (5) members.


Application Deadline

  1. The ODS Education Scholarship committee will meet a minimum of two times per year, by June 30 and December 30. The first scholarship deadline for applications must be a minimum of thirty(30) days before the first scheduled ODS Educational Scholarship Committee meeting of June 30. The second scholarship dead-line for applications must be a minimum of thirty (30) days before the ODS Educational Scholarship Committee meeting of December 30. Scholarship candidates must receive ODS Education Scholarship Committee approval for the use of this scholarship at a specific dressage education event prior to the event occurring.

Click here to download more details about the Education Scholarship: ODS Scholarship Information

Click here to download the Application Form: ODS Scholarship Application

MI Ddreamweaver+/ Memorial Award

Award Details:

·     Adult Amateurs only.

·     Open to all breeds.

·     Entries will submit either a creative writing or video project.

·     If submitting a creative writing project, please include photos of you and your horse.

·     Project will outline the rider’s bond with their horse; any obstacles they have overcome, and the qualities the horse possesses that Dreamer had. (Patience, Wisdom, Courage, Kindness, Determination, and Passion.)

·     Entries will be due November 1st, 2021.

·     Entries are to be submitted either by mail or email.

·     Mail entries to Ruthie Haney: 35016 W Hwy 66 Bristow, Ok 74010 or email to

·     The winner will be announced at the ODS Christmas/ Year End Awards Party.

Prizes will include rose neck garland with nameplate for horse; and riders will have the option of choosing a vest or jacket OR halter with nameplate.

Entry Should Include:

·     Name:

·     Horse’s name:

·     Breed:

·     Creative writing or video project (circle one)

·     Vest or Jacket or Halter with nameplate (circle one)

·     Size of Jacket or Vest:

A note from Ruthie Haney

I want to thank each one of you who took the time to apply for this award. When I lost Dreamer, I knew that I wanted to do something like this. He was more than just a horse to many people; he represented hope, and determination. He was a teacher, a fierce competitor, a loyal and faithful friend. Together we defied the odds and overcame more than one obstacle; we had many highs and lows. But he never wavered from my side, Dreamer was a constant and unyielding presence up until the moment he passed away; even after I know he is still with me, always.

I felt that it was important to recognize this bond that we have with our horses; no matter what level of Dressage we are at. Dreamer encompassed what it is we seek in our Equine partners; he possessed every quality and more. I know that there are many more out there who have those same qualities. I greatly look forward to your submissions.


Good Luck and Happy Trails,

Ruthie Haney

The Dressage Foundation (TDF) Scholarships

Each year grants and scholarships are awarded to riders of all ages and levels, instructors, judges, breeders, and non-profit organizations.

Visit the dressage foundation for more information: 

ODS Members Receive TDF Grants

  • Carol Lavell Gifted Memorial Fund Scholarship for Adult Amateur Riders received by Nancy Trait-Lira in 2019
  •  Evie Tumlin Memorial Fund Grants To Adult Amateurs received by Pam DeVore in 2019