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Board of Directors

President:  Kay Kamish 

Vice President:  Jan Cibula Murrell   

Secretary:  Erin Nelson  

Treasurer:  Marta Koenig

Education:  Kay Kamish

Membership:  Jan Cibula Murrell

At Large & Scholarships: Nancy Trait-Lira  

At Large & Junior Liaison:  Nancy Burba

At Large & Facebook:  Emily Moser

At Large: Sherri Pitman

At Large:  Lindsey Greco  

Board of Directors Meetings

Meetings are generally held the 2nd Wednesday of the Month.

6:30-9:00 PM

In person:

Stroud City Hall, 220 West 2nd Street, Stroud, OK

Conference Call # (712) 432-3900  Conference # 535614#

Typical BOD Meeting Agenda