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Welcome to Green Country Dressage.  The home of dressage in North Eastern Oklahoma.

Meet Your 2018 GCC Board!

   PresidentJess Korver
   Vice President:  Roberta Clark
   Secretary:  Beth Richards
   Treasurer:  Kat Ross
   Member:  Amanda Edwards


****GCC is proud to present Adult Camp with Janice Dulak, March 9-11, 2018!  Don't miss out on your chance to ride or audit!  Janice is a nationally renowned Dressage Pilates Instructor!
Click Here
 to download form to register!!****


GCC is hosting 5 schooling shows and schooling show championship for 2018!
(March 25, 2018; April 14, 2018; May 12, 2018; October 20, 2018, November 3, 2018)

Click here to download 2018 Schooling Show Series Prize List!

(Private barns host the following shows and scores count toward GCC year-end awards!)
(See event calendar for details)
March 24, 2018 -- High Hill Farm, Luther, OK
April 14, 2018 -- High Hill Farm, Luther, OK
June 9, 2018 -- West Equestrian Center, Sand Springs, OK
September 8, 2018 -- West Equestrian Center, Sand Springs, OK


2018 GCC Year End Awards Program!  Don't miss your chance to get a year end award from GCC!  Download the PDF to be informed of program rules, requirements, awards offered, etc!  Know what GCC shows and private barn shows count towards awards!

Click here to download awards program!


GCC Juniors!  Win the Jaime Orban Perpetual Memorial Award for 2018!

Click here to download form!