ODS Awards Criteria

ODS Schooling Show Awards Criteria: 

To participate in ODS Schooling Show Year End Awards, you DO NOT need to send any information to the schooling show awards secretary. She will keep a running tabulation throughout the year.

ODS Schooling Show Requirements update December 2016.
Contact Laura Custer


ODS Recognized Show Awards Criteria:

Riders are no longer required to submit copies of their USDF score summaries.  These are already forwarded to ODS at the end of the competition year.

ODS Recognized Show Requirements
Contact Diane Smith

Schooling Show Application

Complete this application to host a schooling show that is recognized for year end awards with ODS.  If you would like to have your show recognized with a Chapter, please contact that Chapter.

Send your schooling show application and insurance verification to Marta Koenig.   In order for the show to be placed on the ODS and/or Chapter website, Marta must receive all required documentation.

All results from a show must be sent to Laura Custer and should include the following:

  • Name of the rider
  • Name of the horse
  • Horse registration number
  • Date of the Schooling Show
  • Schooling Show venue
  • Name of the Judge
  • Score with the placing.

If the rider is not a member of ODS please note that.

ODS Approved Judges List

USDF “L” judge:

USEF “r”, “R”, or “S” judge :

FEI 2*-5* judge :

USDF Gold Medal Recipient:

In addition the following are approved: Lee Ann Alf


ODS Awards Recipients

2016 Award Recipients:

2016 ODS Schooling Show Award Recipients

2016 ODS Recognized Show Year End Award Recipients

Horse of the Year: Bushido LNF, Laura Custer Laura Custer 72.308

Pony of the Year:  Cartwheel’s Belle Star, Kari Nichols Kari Nichols 63.333

Western Dressage Award:  Shelby Prather on Fergus 81%

Volunteer of the Year: Robin Grain


2015 Award Recipients:


2014 Award Recipients:



2013 Award Recipients:


2012 Award Recipients:


2011 Award Recipients:


2010 Award Recipients:


2009 Award Recipients:



2008 Award Recipients:




2007 Award Recipients:



2006 Award Recipients:



2005 Award Recipients:



ODS Academy Award

ODS Academy Awards Sponsored by Cheryl West and West Equestrian

Mission Statement: To find the ultimate lesson student who is capable of riding multiple horses, and to find the ultimate school horse who willingly carries and teaches all riders.

ODS Academy Horse Award Requirements:

  • A minimum of 5 scores with 3 different riders
  • Must be ridden in USDF test at Intro level or above
  • The rider cannot be the owner of the horse
  • Horse can be unpapered, but must have an ODS registration number
  • Horse must be part of an active riding or lesson program
  • Horse must be 5 years old or older
  • Recipient is determined by median score
  • Award will be presented to the program that owns the horse
  • Scores can cross all levels ODS Academy Rider Award Requirements:
  • A minimum of 5 scores on 3 different horses
  • Must have ridden a test at USDF Intro level or above
  • Rider must be a member of ODS
  • Scores can cross all levels above Intro
  • Recipient is determined by median score
  • Rider cannot be the owner of the horse
  • Horse must have an ODS registration number A line will be added to the schooling show entry forms to indicate that the horse is an Academy horse so that the horse and rider are eligible for the award.

GERA Awards

Gera Awards: Download Requirements and Application(Updated Jan 2012)–

The GERA or Gemstone of Excellence Rider Award has been offered by ODS since 2005 as an Award that recognizes Rider acievement. A gemstone set in a sterling silver dressage horse jewelry pendant or pin is awarded for each level for both Schooling and Recognized Shows. Riders can combine rides and horses over several years to qualify for these awards. A required minimum ride percentage is required for each level.

 Riders who have recieved GERA Awards include: Deb Bailey, Robin Hessel,Lee Ann Alf, Lauren Hadley, Louise Waring, Deryn Stewart, Lisa Otipoby, Kim Kulczycki, Mandy Hadley, Kelsey Walker, Chelsie Williams, Roberta Clark, Lyn Francik, Chantel Leiker, Elizabeth Eaton, Denise Stanley, Chris Cashel, Marilyn Bassett, Hannah Bossler, Nichole Bossler, Charity Weaver, Barbara Tull, Mary Lou Kultgen, Christina Harmon, Tamera Mayo.


Congratulations to our USDF 2016 Medal recipients

  • Robin Hessel – Gold
  • Marie Maloney- Gold
  • Deryn Stewart- Gold
  • Chris Cashel – Silver
  • Martina Miner – Silver
  • Kari Nichols – Bronze
  • Mary Shappee – Bronze
  • Nikki Weitzenhoffer- Bronze
  • Cheryl West – Bronze

Congratulations to our USDF 2015 Medal recipients

  • Kimberlee McKenzie: Bronze Medal
  • Sierra Phipps: Bronze Medal
  • Nancy Burba: Freestyle Bronze Bar
  • Marilyn Bassett: Bronze Medal
  • Jenesena Ursone: Performance Award – First
  • Amanda Edwards:Silver Medal
  • Traci Jackson Silver Medal
  • Debbie Nutt: Silver Medal
  • Shelly Williams: Silver Medal





Volunteer of the Year Awards

ODS Volunteer of the Year Award: Do you know someone who has made a major contribution to our organization this year?–someone you would like to see recognized for all of the time and effort they have spent influencing the development, growth, quality, and popularity of dressage in a meaningful and positive measure?

Volunteer of the Year Awarded to:

  • Jeanie Eaton-2013
  • Diane Smith-2014
  • Rainee Boyd-2015
  • Robin Grain – 2016


Nominees for ODS Volunteer of the Year may have:
• Contributed significant service
• Promoted dressage in some manner
• Promoted ODS by volunteering their time, expertise, or resources in a way that reflects positively on our club
• Made a unique or creative contribution
• Through their effort, increased the image of ODS

Please submit the name of your candidate for ODS Volunteer of the Year award and indicate how that person’s attributes and activities have fulfilled this criteria. A committee will review the nominations and the final selection will be announced at the AGM in January. Please note that ODS Board Members are not eligible for this award.

Please email your nomination to Christina Harmon at Deadline for submission is January 10.

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