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Send Application to:

Diane Smith
Attention: ODS Scholarship Committee
912 Glen Eagles Dr.
Edmond OK  73013


Application Criteria

  • The ODS Athlete Education Scholarship is open to all Oklahoma Dressage Society Members: juniors, adults, or vintage riders, amateurs or professionals, including ODS member volunteers and committee members.
  • Applicant must be a current member in good standing of Oklahoma Dressage Society. In addition, applicant must have been an ODS member for at least 2 previous years.
  • Must have a background of attending previous ODS dressage educational events. The more ODS event attendance, the stronger the candidate for the ODS scholarship. Attendance at non – ODS dressage educational events will be onsidered in addition.
  • Must have a background of volunteerism for ODS. This includes volunteering on at least 1 ODS committee or have accumulated 5 hours of volunteering at ODS events.

Note:  The more ODS volunteerism, the stronger the candidate for the ODS scholarship.  Volunteerism for non – ODS dressage related events will also be considered.

Using the Scholarship

The Scholarship may be used toward the registration / entry fee for the following types of dressage educational events:

  • ODS educational events (ex. Judging Seminar, Workshops, Educational Practice Shows, etc).
  •  USDF sponsored educational programs (ex. USDF Adult or Junior Clinics, “L” Program, USDF Certified Instructor Program, USDF Convention or Symposium, USDF – University approved programs etc…
  •  Dressage clinics given by a USDF/USEF judge, USDF/USEF technical delegate, USDF Certified Instructor, USDF “L” Program graduate, USDF Gold or Silver Medalist. Clinics must be an advertised clinic and must be open to all ODS members. Standard lesson rates must be applied.

Scholarship winner must receive ODS Scholarship Committee pre-approval for the use of this scholarship at a specific dressage educational event, prior to the event occurring.

The ODS Scholarship Committee will review applications for funds and make recommendations to the Board for their vote. The Governing Board will select members to sit on this committee for a period of one year.

Application Deadline

The ODS Educational Scholarship committee will meet twice a year. Each application must be received by the following schedule:

January 1 – May 15 Scholarship(s) to be awarded at ODS Summer Meeting
May 16 – November 15 Scholarship(s) to be awarded at ODS AGM

The Scholarship Committee will announce the recipients at each ODS general meetings.

Volunteer Hours

Volunteer hours counting towards Scholarships include:

  • ODS sponsored shows, clinics, educational events, fundraisers etc. Volunteer hours must be recorded on the ODS Scholarship Application Form. Validation of hours will be confirmed by the ODS Volunteer Co-Coordinator from each event.
  • Write an article in the ODS newsletter.

Consideration will also be given for attendance at an ODS activity or function. Examples being the Summer Meeting, AGM or auditing the ODS Educational event.

Administration of Scholorship


Funds to administer the program should be held in a separate, interest-bearing account or with its own sub-account in our general funds financials.
All silent auction proceeds from the ODS Annual General Meeting will be used to generate funds for this account. Any sponsorship donations to this account will also be welcome.
Scholarship monies will not be awarded until after successful completion of attendance at the approved dressage educational event with completed attendance and the submission to ODS of the required post report.
Scholarship winner must write a post report article about their educational experience for which the scholarship was used and submit it to the ODS Scholarship Committee within 30 days of the event. This report / article will then be published in the newsletter.
The ODS Educational Scholarship is non-transferable and may only be used for the rider’s education. (ex. It may not be used for someone else riding your horse in a clinic.)
Scholarship must be used within 1 year of the time it is awarded. No extensions will be granted.

Additional Information:
A maximum of four $150 scholarships will be awarded by ODS to eligible applicants each year. The ODS Educational Scholarship Fund must maintain a balance to fund this venture and a minimum of $150.00 must remain in this account at all times.
Scholarships may be applied for at any time of year. ODS Scholarship Committee will meet a minimum of 2 times a year (June & Dec.) to review all applications received up to that point. The Educational Scholarship Committee may award “0” scholarships, or may award more than 1 scholarship at each of these meetings as they deem fit. A maximum 4 of Scholarships may be awarded each year.
Not all allotted scholarships may be awarded in a single year if Scholarship Committee does not deem enough applicants meeting minimum eligibility. Determination of eligibility is at the sole discretion of the ODS Scholarship Committee.

An ODS member may only be awarded a scholarship once per 12 month period. Once awarded a scholarship in a given year, applicant may apply again another year. However, priority for subsequent years will be given to eligible applicants who have not received a scholarship previously. The ODS Education Scholarship Committee will include at least 1 current Board Member. The committee must have a total of 3 or 5 ODS members in good standing. The committee cannot exceed 5 people.

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