GPC Recognized Shows 2016

Recognized and Schooling Shows:

February 20 – Schooling show Judge: Melissa Creswick “S”
March 19 – Schooling show Judge: Paula Lacy “S”
April 16 – USEF/USDF Recognized show Judge: Mike Osinski “S”
May 14 – Arabian one-day sport horse show Judge: Melissa Creswick “S”
June 25 USDF/USEF Recognized show Judge: Thomas Poulin “S”
July 16 – Schooling show Judge: Lurena Bell
September 3 & 4 – USDF/USEF Recognized show Judge: Debbie Riehl-Rodriguez “S”
September tba – Schooling show at the OKC State Fairgrounds Judge: Robin Hessel “L”
Sept 10 – USEF/USDF recognized show Judge: Sue Kolstad “S”
Oct 29 – GPC Schooling show championship Judge: Paula Lacy “S”
October 30 – GPC Recognized Show Championship Judge: Paula Lacy “S”


February 21-22 clinic with Melissa Creswick “S”
March 20-21 clinic with Paula Lacy “S”
April 17 Clinic with Mike Osinski “S”
May 15-16 Clinic with Melissa Creswick “S”
June 26-27 – Clinic with Thomas Poulin “S”
July 17-18 Clinic – Lurena Bell
September 5-6 – Clinic with Debbie Riehl-Rodriguez “S”
Sept 11-12 clinic with Sue Kolstad “S”
October 31 clinic with Paula Lacy “S”

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