Summer Meeting Agenda

ITS NOT TO LATE! You don’t want to miss this

Make arrangements and Contact Roberta Clark a.s.a.p and let her know you are coming.
Free Lunch and a excellent lineup at the OSU Veterinary Hostpital–6 vets will be on hand!

  • Jan 2015 Annual General Meeting Minutes-pending approval at the Summer AGM: View or Download

ODS Revised 2015 Summer Meeting Agenda

Old Business


Approve AGM minutes – Amanda Edwards


Treasurer’s Report – Tamera Mayo


Spring Show Report – Diane Smith


Region 9 Coordinator – Tamera Mayo


Chapter reports – optional but encouraged



New Business


Proposed addition to ODS Policy and Procedures for Schooling Shows – Tamera


Brainstorm educational ideas for 2016


Round the Table – This is where anyone in attendance can bring up an item for discussion


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